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SGFI was started a decade back by volunteer members from the Indian Sports Industry with an objective to address the child labour issue. Over the period of time with experience and learning’s drawn because of close contact with the community SGFI’s vision was broadened and we started looking at root causes like education, health, social security and women empowerment. The strategy followed was bottoms up approach which meant understanding what is required at the community level and then devising methodology, action plan and activities addressing the needs of the community. To take this agenda forward, support was extended by UNIDO-CDP in the form of capacity building, knowledge linkage, monitoring and evaluation. This is part of Jalandhar’s social responsibility which we define as SERB (Social and Environmental Responsibility of Business).

Indian Sports Industry (Background)
The sports goods industry of India has its roots in Sialkot, Pakistan. When India was partitioned in 1947, many of Sialkot's skilled Hindu craftsmen migrated across the border into Punjab, settling in Jalandhar, where the Indian sports goods industry is now based. The Indian sports goods industry has expanded to include the areas of Meerut, (Uttar Pradesh) and Gurgaon, (Haryana). Most of India's sports goods are exported to the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, France and Australia. The industry is mainly concentrated in Jalandhar and Meerut.
The sports goods industry in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past five decades and now occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and export. There has been an increasing emphasis on its planned development, aimed at optimal utilisation of resources for maximising the returns, particularly from exports.
The Indian sports goods industry manufactures 318 items. However, major items that are exported are inflatable balls, hockey sticks and balls, cricket bats and balls, boxing equipment, fishing equipment, indoor games like carom and chess boards and different kinds of protective equipment. The Indian sports goods industry is a highly labour intensive industry which provides employment to the weaker sections of society and also employs a large number of women.

A feather in our cap: Seeing the working of SGFI, the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education),  New  Delhi  has  included a  chapter  titled “SGFI  & its  Organizational  Setup” in the official  text book of  health, physical  education and  sports for class XII nationwide.

IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Bangalore has conducted a 28 page case study on SGFI. this case will be taught acroos 500+ Business schools across the world.

Sports Goods Fundation of India

Chairman: Mr. Satish Wasan.

Executive Director:Mr Ravi Purewal.

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